This superb boot is CE approved and fits perfectly to the foot to protect
all areas of the kicking area.

  • Machine moulded foam inner with Matt Black Leather-look PU outer.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Extra strong and wide toe straps.
  • Under arch support elastic with a figure of 8 crossover elastic power strap
  • "true bite" velcro attachment.
  • Easy wipe and clean

This boot incorporates the safety aspects of all the leading brands on the market with the additional unique faze design elements to provide you with the perfect kick boot.
Ideal for Semi Contact, Full contact and Mixed martial arts training and fighting at all levels.


XtraXtraSmall - Shoe Size 10 - 11 Children

Xtra Small -  Shoe Size 12 children - 1 Adult

Small - Shoe Size 2 - 5 Adults

Medium - Shoe Size 6 - 9 Adults

Large - Shoe Size 10 - 13 Adults