Welcome to Robson's Family Karate

Robson's Family Karate has existed since 15th January 2008 and has grown to become recognised as a leader in the training of Martial Arts in Newry and Mourne and surrounding areas. 

The school is run by professional instructors, support staff, and a dedicated team of helpers and volunteers.

Robson's Family Karate philosophy is one of sharing the highest standards of Martial Arts while developing within our students not only the physical attributes of skilled martial artists but also the mental disciplines and strengths of character required overall. 

Built with solid ethics, Robson's Family Karate is deliberately 'family' oriented. Alongside our top-quality adult programs and classes, there are also classes catering to younger students.

The parents of our younger students are included in this ethic, and we like to take as much care of the parents of younger students as we do of the adults and youngsters in training.

With a 'service and value' approach, Robson's Family Karate strives to give everyone at the schools the highest service levels and superior value. Our tuition fees are highly competitive and reflect the importance of the service delivered in the classes.

The family atmosphere at Robson's Family Karate garners intense loyalty and dedication among students, parents, and staff alike. We also see an excellent sharing ethic within the club. Many students and parents are keen to introduce friends and acquaintances to us, further enhancing the family framework. 

While martial arts can be highly competitive, Robson's Family Karate nurtures its share of world-beating champions; there is no emphasis on competition. Individuals can choose to compete or take their journey in martial arts and progress through the grading alongside many other individuals. No one sits 'on the bench' at Robson's Family Karate; the classes are highly inclusive, and the instructors' attention is entirely on the needs of the students and parents.

Alongside classes and competitions, Robson's Family Karate also holds regular additional workshops and seminars for subjects that cannot be covered in regular courses, training in more specialist skills and disciplines. There are also activities, super seminars, workshops, and 'fun nights' at various times throughout the year. 

Instructor-approved clothing and equipment are supplied for sale through our physical and online stores, and regular promotions and discounts are run to ease the financial pressures on essential purchases. Members are advised what is required at each stage of their training and development.

Students' and parents' commitment is essential to progress happily and successfully in Martial Arts. You will find, at Robson's Family Karate, that your commitment to us is repaid with our commitment to continually strive to bring you the highest quality classes in the country, give you a club and instructors to be proud of and ensure your journey is happy, served with excellence, and is one that far exceeds your expectations.

Respect in Martial Arts & Life

Master Jamie Robson

Owner/Director Robson's Family Karate L.T.D

T, A, C (Technical Advisory Committee Member for U.K & Ireland Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation)



1. All those interacting within the school are expected to be positive, enthusiastic, and conscious of their role in helping to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, engendering a 'can do spirit in all.

2. All Instructors should be addressed as "Sir" or "Mam."

3. Belts should be treated with respect and worn with a uniform. If a student loses a belt, it must always be replaced immediately.    

4. Staff and instructors should be treated with respect by all, always, as they are there to help.

5. Students and parents of young students should be treated with respect by all, as they are there to learn and facilitate the learning of younger students.    

6. The instructors, parents, and students who come into our school do not gossip about other students, parents, or instructors at any time.          

7. The instructors, parents, and students who come into our school do not carry bad feelings towards others within the school.           

8. Any complaints shall be dealt with using the school's complaints procedure, a copy of which is available from reception.                           

9. Equipment used and worn in the school will be subject to inspection and approval by the chief instructor before use; any damaged equipment must be replaced.  

10. Only Official Robson's Family Karate sparring equipment can be used while participating in sparring training (if you have been using sparring equipment purchased elsewhere, please ensure that this is replaced with Robson's Family Karate sparring equipment only). Orders can be placed by following our online pro shop: https://www.robsonsfamilykarate.com/shop/

11. All students must wear Robson's Family Karate clothing, e.g. Karate/Kickboxing uniform, t-shirt, or hoodie, in every class (including the official belt) – failure to adhere to this will result in the student being unable to train. We are proud of our club, and a clean, tidy, up-to-date uniform is integral to training.

12. Cleanliness is a prerequisite for training in our school. Personal hygiene standards are expected to be high, and uniforms are also expected to be clean at the beginning of all classes. Smelly uniforms and smelly bodies are an offence to others around us and show a lack of respect; fingers and toenails must be clipped and kept short.        

13. Instructors, students, and parents of students in our school are positive, enthusiastic, caring individuals who combine to make our school a centre for enjoyment and development in our community


We are a team of dedicated, positive, and successful people who work within our points of culture to ensure that all who come into contact with us benefit from the experience and move closer to becoming the people they wish to be. We are in the business of health and education. We educate all who meet us to be healthy and aware of their potential. Our service to our students is of the highest quality and delivered with enthusiasm and commitment.    

Our students will desire to take on the help that we can give them and return our commitment to them with the highest commitment to us. They will be forward-thinking, energetic, and enthusiastic people who demand the best and, in return, give the best.      

Our uniqueness is our desire to give all our students their spirit and freedom through training and education, helping them to achieve a happy life balance and self-confidence they never knew they had.          


Grades  Belt                                                    

10th                      White

9th                        Yellow

8th                        Orange

7th                        Orange Blue Stripe

6th                        Green

5th                        Green One Blue Stripe

4th                        Green Two Blue Stripes

3rd                        Red

2nd                       Red one Blue Stripe

1st                        Red Two Blue Stripes

1st Dan                Midnight Blue One White Stripe

2nd Dan               Midnight Blue Two White Stripes

3rd Dan               Midnight Blue Three White Stripes          

4th Dan - 9th      Dan Midnight Blue One Red stripe through the middle of the belt (Master Level)

Students for the first belts, white to Green Two Stripes, are graded approximately every three months. Students are not automatically put through for grading. They are assessed in the weeks coming up to the grading, and if the required standard of technique, discipline, and attendance (i.e., 85% of two classes per week) has been achieved, they will be selected for grading. Students' red belts plus will be a MINIMUM of 6 months between grading and attendance of two red belts, and Dan classes per month are required.

The charge for gradings is £40 per person. This includes a full assessment, certificate, and belt (provided the grading is passed).  

Grading invitations are sent directly to your school's App for you to approve and issue payment now through the App; all grades must be paid for in full before grading and at no later date.


Grades  Belt                                                    

11th                      White

10th                      White/Yellow Stripe

9th                        White/Orange Stripe

8th                        White/Green Stripe

7th                        White/Red Stripe

6th                        White/Blue Stripe

5th                        Yellow/White Stripe

4th                        Orange/White Stripe

3rd                        Green/White Stripe

2nd                       Red/White Stripe

1st                         Blue/White Stripe


Mini Ninjas Grading fee is £30 per person. This includes a full assessment, certificate, and belt (provided the grading is passed).

Grading invitations are sent directly to your school's App for you to approve and issue payment now through the App; all grades must be paid for in full before grading and at no later date.



We communicate with our members mainly via email, text, and telephone. Please notify us of any changes to your contact details to ensure that you receive critical communications, including unforeseen closures, gradings, and changes.           

You are welcome to contact us, particularly if you have a query about your training, need to change your details or payments, or would like to notify us of an absence.            

By Website – www.robsonsfamilykarate.com

By email – info@rfkarate.com

By phone – 07825748658                           

We often communicate with our members via our Robson's Family Karate Community Facebook group –please join this group to receive regular updates on classes, workshops, events, competitions, sales, offers, and more! Search for Robson's Family Karate Community on Facebook and request to join the group to stay updated.                        

Don't forget to search, like, and engage with our Robson's Family Karate Facebook pages!  


We request that Robson's Family Karate members and parents support our positive relationship with local businesses by parking appropriately and not blocking any access areas.


We have five introductory seminars at Robson's Family Karate and some specialised workshop seminars you can also attend.                         

Seminars make up an essential aspect of your development, enhancing your martial arts development, skills, and knowledge to make you the best you can be. Please ensure you are the first to book the seminars, as they get booked quickly.           

All seminars and workshops are in your school's App under the events heading and can be booked and paid for directly through your App (note: weapons events require the purchase of the weapons. These can be made from the online pro shop by visiting this link https://www.robsonsfamilykarate.com/shop/)

Basic Workshops

  1.   Forms (Traditional Korean Karate)
  2.   Self-Defence
  3.   Bo Staff
  4.   1-step sparring/pad work
  5.   Sparring       
  6.   Additional specialised seminars         
  7.   Guest Instructors
  8.   Tournament training seminars (how to become a champion)


Your training license with Robson's Family Karate must be renewed annually, and you will be notified when your annual licensing and Membership are due for renewal (for £59). Failure to maintain a valid yearly license will affect your opportunities to undertake grading/federation events and may result in suspension from training sessions.


We are continuously mindful of the welfare of our members and have policies and procedures in place to protect members, staff, and the public. The following are in place at Robson's Family Karate:              

• Our staff are Advanced DBS checked as appropriate.

• We have a safeguarding policy and risk assessments, which are reviewed annually.

• Children under 13 must be dropped off and collected by a parent, guardian, or appropriate adult. We advise that children under seven be accompanied throughout their sessions.

• You must obtain permission from a staff member before taking photographs or videos. With consent, you may only show the intent to capture images of your child. If other children are in the background of pictures or videos, these must not be shown on social media. Our members have the right to privacy and may even require this for legal reasons.

• Please take phone calls and use mobile devices outside the training area. Phone calls and other noises (games, video viewing, etc.) cause a distraction to the instructors, devaluing the member experience and creating a potential danger.

• Please limit interaction with the instructors and members during training. This is also unfair and disruptive to the instructors, members, and spectators.

• No one is permitted to enter the training area without being invited by a staff member.

• No one is permitted to enter any staff-only areas, office, stock rooms, or reception desk areas except for staff members; you will be asked to leave the site and building if found in these areas.

• Please exit the training area and the premises as soon as possible after your session has ended. You may have noticed that the viewing and reception areas are pretty limited in space to maximise training space. Leaving promptly supports us in maintaining a safe environment.


You can purchase Robson's Family Karate training clothing and equipment from our Centre and online shop! https://www.robsonsfamilykarate.com/shop/

Seasonal items and gift ideas.

Deals, discounts, and promotions.

Personalisation is available on most products (ask in-store).

The same loyalty discounts apply online as in-store!

No delivery charges – all items will be available for collection from the Centre, whether ordered in-store or online.          

Browse our MASSIVE range of quality items now!             



We are passionate about recognising progress, commitment, and effort. Although this is obvious through achievement at grading, the little things count for a lot, and certificates are regularly awarded for Star of the Session, Star of the Week, and Member of the Month.

We also thank our members for recommending friends and family to our club by issuing gift vouchers. We even have regular prizes for members introducing the newest people to the club!         

Robson's Family Karate 2024 Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility:

    • The Robson's Family Karate LTD 2024 Prize Draw (the "Promotion") is open to all current members of Robson's Family Karate LTD who refer friends to participate in trial classes during the promotional period.
  2. Promotional Period:

    • The Promotion begins on 1st November 2023 and ends on 22nd December 2023. All referrals must be made during this period to qualify for the Prize Draw.
  3. How to Enter:

    • To enter the Prize Draw, participants must refer friends to attend trial classes using the unique referral links provided by Robson's Family Karate LTD. Participants will receive one entry for each referred friend who attends a trial class. If the referred friend decides to join on the same day as the trial class, the participant and the referred friend will receive an additional five entries each.
  4. Prize Details:

    • The Prize includes:
      • No lesson fees
      • No grading fees (excluding the black belt test)
      • No fees for workshops
    • The total value of the Prize is estimated to be over £1000.
  5. Drawing and Notification:

    • The Prize Draw will take place after the last class on Friday, 22nd of December 2023. The winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries.
    • The winner will be notified via the contact information provided during registration within seven (7) days of the drawing. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the Prize within fourteen (14) days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the Prize from the winner.
  6. Disqualifications:

    • Participants will be disqualified from the Prize Draw for any of the following reasons:
      • Providing false or misleading information during the referral process.
      • Engaging in fraudulent activities to gain entries.
      • Violating any of the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
  7. General Conditions:

    • Robson's Family Karate LTD reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the Promotion if any fraud or technical failure impairs its integrity.
    • By participating, participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the decisions of Robson's Family Karate LTD, which are final and binding.
    • Robson's Family Karate LTD is not responsible for any typographical or other errors in the offer or administration of the Promotion, including, but not limited to, errors in any printing or posting of these Terms and Conditions.
  8. Privacy:

    • Information collected from participants is subject to Robson's Family Karate LTD's privacy policy.
  9. Disputes:

    • Any dispute arising from the Promotion will be determined according to the laws of Northern Ireland, and by entering, the participant consents to the personal jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Northern Ireland.
  10. Contact Information:

  • For any questions regarding the Promotion, please get in touch with Robson's Family Karate LTD at info@rfkarate.com.

By participating in the Robson's Family Karate LTD 2024 Prize Draw, participants agree to these terms and conditions.




At Robson's Family Karate, we believe in rewarding people for recommending Robson's Family Karate to their friends & families. That's why we have created a fabulous prize where you can enjoy all the great benefits from Robson's Family Karate for FREE.             

Introduce four people who join us within that particular month, and you train free for the rest of the year!


So, do you know any adults who need:

•        TO GET FIT,

•        TO LOSE WEIGHT,


•        TO TONE UP

•        TO HAVE FUN

Or do you know any children who need:

•        DISCIPLINE,

•        RESPECT,

•        CONFIDENCE,

•        STRUCTURE,

•        COURTESY  

Robson's Family Karate can transform your friends, work colleagues, and family's lives; they need a little push in the right direction from a friend: YOU!                 

If you know anyone who could benefit from our classes, give them a free week pass to see what it's all about. We are sure they will be so happy that you did!       


  1. Please be aware that all Robson's Family Karate Memberships must be on a date to validate your chosen GoCardless payment plan. Expired Membership will result in the suspension of your training, which means that you will only be able to train in your sessions once your Membership is back up to date.
  2. All Direct Debit Mandates should be filled out in the participant's name and processed before participating in any sessions on that payment plan at Robson's Family Karate. So, as you know, completed Mandates take five working days to become active.
  3. Our payment plans consider 12 months of sessions based on a 48-week year to account for our annual club holiday and periods away from attendance at Robson's Family Karate. Closures
  4. Payment plans can be upgraded or downgraded on request, providing we are given 14 days' notice.
  5. Please be aware that No refunds are available for missed sessions. We offer the flexibility to train up to six days per and live-streamed classes. Missed sessions can be made up by attending any location or through our Zoom online training option.
  6. No refunds or transfers are available for total paid-in-full payments, as this has been offered at a discounted rate to secure your place within the school for a minimum time, as agreed upon upon purchase. If you decide to cancel, no remaining training time or cash balances are refundable as per your agreement to purchase a paid-in-full option; as a gesture of goodwill, we will hold you a space in the school for a maximum of 12 months after your cancellation notice should you wish to resume, this will be non-transferable or refundable.
  7. All Direct Debit mandates are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  8. Direct Debit payments cannot be frozen or paused at any time unless for a medical reason with such evidence provided by your doctor. If your retainer fee is available and you need a break for anything other than medical reasons to reserve your place in the school, you agree to pay half your monthly class fees for no longer than three months. Your payments will resume to their original price, or you will submit your 30-day cancellation notice.
  9. We reserve the right to close Robson's Family Karate schools and cancel sessions due to unforeseen circumstances, in severe weather conditions, for repairs and maintenance, for public holidays, and at the direction of local or national authorities due to Pandemics or health emergencies.
  10. If a failed monthly collection is due to insufficient funds in your account, we will make a resubmission request for failed payments; we reserve the right to suspend your Membership at Robson's Family Karate until all arrears have been brought up to date and cleared.
  11. You reserve the right to cancel your direct debit by emailing the club at info@rfkarate.com and by giving as a courtesy no less than 30 days' notice that you would likeinfo@rfkarate.com and by giving as a courtesy no less than 30 days' notice that you wish to cancel your direct debit. You will be liable for any payments due within those 30 days. Any Unauthorised cancellations that do not give the 30-day notice will result in you forfeiting the right to take up a direct debit in the future and could result in the cancellation of your Robson's Family Karate membership. All unauthorised cancellations will have 30 days to make their final month's payment. Failure to do so will result in us handing over the matter to a third-party debt-collecting agency to retrieve the funds, which could also lead to further legal administrative fees.
  12. Following an authorised cancelled direct debit, you can sign up again at any time within three months. You agree to pay the current reactivation fee of £59 to cover the additional administrative costs. After three months of inactivity, our standard enrolment fee of £99
  13. We may terminate the agreement and cancel your Membership immediately on notice if you breach any of our school's membership rules. In this case, you won't be able to attend any of the sessions at Robson's Family Karate, and we won't refund you.

Membership at Robson's Family Karate is secured by paying a monthly direct debit. We do not operate a pay-per-class system. There are no contracts, so your membership arrangements can be amended at any time at your request by our administrator for reasons such as membership level changes, bank detail changes, or date of payment changes.

Fees and operating hours at Robson's Family Karate are calculated over 48 weeks a year and broken down into 12 even monthly payments, typically closing for one week at Christmas and one week in the summer and all bank holidays at the discretion of the Centre Management.  

Members are welcome to make up any missed sessions within three months. This offer is not only for club closure dates but also extends to any missed sessions for reasons such as closure for emergency renovations, severe weather conditions, bank holidays, or members missing sessions for illness or holidays on any other 48 weeks. There is no limit on how many times a year members can take advantage of this offer.

Members may attend various timetabled sessions by booking in advance if there is space in that group. If sessions or class types become full at any time, we will ask members to commit to set sessions until spaces become available. Regular attendance is necessary to be considered for grading selection.

Robson's Family Karate is committed to offering quality service at reasonable and competitive prices. However, should it become necessary to amend membership structures and costs, we will inform you in writing and give you reasonable notice. We will not change any payments without your prior permission.      


Direct Debit payments cannot be frozen or suspended at any time unless for a medical reason with such evidence provided by your doctor; if you need a break in your training for anything any other than a holiday, then a retainer fee is available upon written request and approval from the school's management this is based upon a case by case basis and is only once per year, this cannot be staggered over several months and can only be used in one block of up to 3 months. 

To reserve your place in the school, you must pay half your monthly class fees for no longer than three months. After three months, your class fees will return to our current charge rate. At that moment, if our class fees have increased, you accept that the new price will supersede any previous price plans with no exceptions.

Any members who cancel their direct debit without first notifying our administrator will be required to pay our full enrolment fee of £99 administration and re-joining fee to continue their training. By cancelling payments, members effectively cancel their Membership, and all prices at the time recommencing will be in effect.

We are a busy club, and places are in high demand. You are securing a place at the club by continuing payment throughout any short-term absences. Members are more than welcome to make up any missed sessions by attending additional sessions when available to take full advantage of their subscription.

Robson's Family Karate reserve the right to cancel memberships at any time. Members who pay but do not attend for three months and have not been in contact with the club will automatically have their Membership suspended and payments cancelled. No refunds will be authorised as payments have secured a place at the club. Again, there will be a £99 administration and re-joining fee should they wish to restart training, assuming a place is available in their chosen class.

For insurance purposes, we need to be fully aware of the number of students we have training in any class and venue, so you should advise the club if you decide to suspend or cancel your workout. If you wish to cancel your Membership, you should do so in writing using the Overleaf form or via email. Note that no refunds can be made for any missed classes before the date of cancellation.

If you have any concerns about or would like to make any amendments to Membership, training, or payments, then please speak to a member of our team before making any alterations with your bank, as this can cause issues with future costs and may result in the accidental cancellation of Membership.


Please let me know whether you want to suspend or cancel your training. In that case, we require ONE SECTION of this document to be signed and dated, or an email to this effect should be sent to info@rfkarate.com – you should retain evidence of suspension or cancellation requests in case of any future queries regarding payments or Membership.


I wish to suspend my training at Robson's Family Karate due to medical reasons as provided in my medical evidence and discussions with a Robson's Family Karate staff member.

I intend to return on (date/month) ………….………………………… and am happy to be contacted by Robson's Family Karate before that date to discuss my return to training.

I understand that my Membership may be terminated if I do not contact Robson's Family Karate and am uncontactable after this date.


I wish to cancel my training with Robson's Family Karate with effect from (date)......................

• I understand that it is my responsibility to cancel my Direct Debit and that any payments taken after my decision to cease training due to my not cancelling my Direct Debit cannot be claimed back from Robson's Family Karate.

• I understand that if I wish to return to training during the valid period of my existing license and insurance, I can do so by recommencing my training fees at their current price, not the previous price, if the school has had a price increase. By paying the £99 administration and re-joining fee,

• I understand that if I wish to return to training after my license and insurance have expired, I would be required to renew my license and insurance and recommence my training fees at their current price, not the previous price if the school has had a price increase.

• I understand there is a re-joining fee if I wish to recommence training.         

Name of Member.......................................................................................................................

Signature of Member (or Parent/Guardian if under 18) .............................................................


Testimonial form

Recommendations from happy members are one of the most valuable tools for promoting our courses. If you would like to submit a testimonial for us to use in future promotions, please fill out and return this form if you don't mind.

You could include the following: 

•        What do you like most about Robson's Family Karate?

•        What has been your or your child's most notable achievement?

•        How do you feel Robson's Family Karate supports the local community?

•        What makes Robson's Family Karate successful to its members and the community?


Thank you!

Completed by:

Are you a member or a parent?

What class are you or the member in?

Do we have permission to use your and the member's name alongside this testimonial?    

You can also leave your testimonial online: https://www.robsonsfamilykarate.com/testemonies

Robson's Family Karate Online Training Program Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction Welcome to the online training program of Robson's Family Karate, a community dedicated to the discipline and art of martial arts. Our Zoom classes aim to replicate the rigour, respect, and skill of in-person training in a virtual environment. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing your participation in our online classes, ensuring a safe, respectful, and practical learning experience for all involved.

2. Acceptance of Terms By registering and participating in the online martial arts classes offered by Robson's Family Karate, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. This agreement extends to any modifications or updates to these terms, which may be made occasionally. Your continued participation in the classes signifies your ongoing agreement to these terms.

3. Class Schedule and Access Our class schedules, including times and specific martial arts disciplines offered, are available for review on our Website and through direct communication channels. Once you have successfully registered and completed the necessary payment procedures, you will receive specific access links to our Zoom classes. These links are exclusive to registered members and should not be shared with non-registered individuals.

4. Equipment and Training Space To participate in our online classes, you must have the necessary martial arts equipment, which may vary depending on the discipline. Additionally, your training space at home must be safe, with enough room for movement and a floor surface suitable for martial arts activities. Robson's Family Karate does not take responsibility for any injuries or damages due to inadequate or unsafe training environments.

5. Health and Safety Responsibility The safety and well-being of our students are of utmost importance. You acknowledge that participation in any physical activity, including martial arts, carries inherent risks. We strongly recommend you consult a healthcare professional before beginning our program, particularly if you have pre-existing health concerns. You agree to participate at your own risk and release Robson's Family Karate and its instructors from any liability for injuries or damages incurred during your at-home training.

6. Supervision for Minors For participants who are minors, adult supervision is mandatory during all online classes. This is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the training and aid in the proper understanding and execution of martial arts techniques.

7. Attendance and Punctuality We emphasise the importance of regular attendance and punctuality in our online classes. This ensures a cohesive learning experience and maximises the benefits of our training program. If you cannot attend a scheduled class, we ask that you notify the instructor in advance. Persistent absence, especially without prior notification, may lead to a review and potential revocation of your online training privileges.

8. Dress Code: To maintain the discipline and tradition of martial arts, all participants must wear a full Do Bohk (Karate Uniform) during each session. The uniform should be kept in a clean, presentable condition and worn correctly, symbolising your commitment and respect for the art form.

9. Online Etiquette and Behavior In our virtual classroom, the same standards of behaviour expected in traditional martial arts dojos apply. This includes respecting instructors and fellow students, refraining from disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, and following the guidance and instructions provided during classes. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in removal from the class and potentially from future sessions.

10. Recording and Privacy To protect the privacy and rights of all participants, recording, photographing, or sharing of content from our classes without explicit consent from Robson's Family Karate and all involved parties is strictly prohibited. Breaching this policy is a severe offence and will result in immediate removal from the class and potentially a ban from future classes.

11. Payment and Fees Enrollment in our online classes is contingent upon timely payment of fees. Detailed information about class fees, payment schedules, and methods can be obtained from our administrative team. Non-compliance with our payment terms may restrict access to our classes and services.

12. Termination of Participation Robson's Family Karate reserves the right to terminate your participation in our online classes for any breach of these terms and conditions. This includes but is not limited to, failure to adhere to our dress code, online etiquette, payment obligations, and privacy policy.

13. Changes to Terms and Conditions: We may occasionally update these terms and conditions to reflect changes in our program, policies, or legal requirements. Such changes will be communicated to all participants, and your continued enrollment and participation in our classes will be considered as acceptance of these updated terms.

14. Contact Information: For any questions, concerns, or further information about our online martial arts training program or these terms and conditions, please get in touch with us at info@rfkarate.com. Our dedicated team is available to provide assistance and ensure you have a positive and enriching experience with Robson's Family Karate.

15. Acknowledgment and Agreement: A verbal acknowledgement is required at the start of your first online class session to confirm your agreement to these terms and conditions. Please state your full name and verbally express your acceptance of these terms. If you are a minor, your guardian should provide this acknowledgement. Non-compliance with this requirement will result in the termination of your participation in our program.

16. Data Protection and Privacy Robson's Family Karate is committed to the responsible handling of personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We solely collect and use personal data, such as names, contact details, and payment information, to manage class participation and communication. We adhere to stringent data protection policies and ensure that your personal data is not shared without your explicit consent, except where legally required. You have the right to access, amend, delete, or limit the processing of your personal data at any time. Should you wish to exercise these rights or have concerns regarding your personal data, please get in touch with us at info@rfkarate.com.

17. Consent to Use of Data in Online Classes By participating in our online classes, you consent to use your image and voice in the virtual classroom environment. At the beginning of your first session, you will need to verbally confirm this consent by stating your full name and declaring your agreement. If you do not consent to the recording and use of your image and voice, please notify us in writing at info@rfkarate.com.

18. Changes to Privacy Policy: We reserve the right to update our privacy policy as necessary to adapt to new regulations, technologies, or changes in our practices. Continued class participation after such updates indicates your acceptance of our revised privacy policy.




Please print all sections

New Member Enrollment Fee £99

Annual License Renewal Fee £59


Suppose you are joining on a monthly membership option. In that case, I understand that my membership option is based on several sessions per week from the timetable but does not guarantee a specific date or time each week for the duration of your Membership. Due to the flexible attendance options, no refunds will be given for any sessions cancelled or changed by Robson's Family Karate. Such examples include closure for grading (4 times per year), inclement weather, emergency renovations, etc. Ask one of the team if you would like to read the policy or need more information on the flexible attendance offer.

I wish to apply for Membership in Robson's Family Karate:

Name ................................................................................................. DOB...............................

Address .....................................................................................................................................

Postcode ...........................................................................

Mobile Tel No ..................................................................  

Other Tel No .......................................................................

Email Address ...........................................................................................................................

Martial Arts History ....................................................................................................................

Medical history:

Have you or do you suffer from any of the following?

Please circle:

Fainting - Yes / No           Heart Problems - Yes / No            HIV - Yes / No       Diabetes - Yes / No         

Fits - Yes / No                   Epilepsy - Yes / No                          Breathing difficulties - Yes / No

If yes, please give details ……………………………………………………………………………..............................................................................................................................................................................................

Are you currently taking medication? Yes / No   

Do you suffer from anything that precludes you from strenuous activity? Yes / No

If yes, please give details.



I understand that martial arts training involves (reasonable) physical contact from which minor injury may result. My duties and responsibilities are to practice martial arts safely for my fellow participants and myself. All the details I have given are accurate and thoroughly answered. I will abide by the rules and regulations of the Centre.

Upon acceptance, I will be issued a membership/license book and insurance, which runs for twelve months and is renewable yearly.

The proprietor/owner of Robson's Family Karate is Mr S J Robson, trading as Robson's Family Karate LTD. Memberships are at the owner's discretion and may be revoked at any time. Any student/member found not to be abiding by the rules and regulations of the Centre will have their Membership terminated immediately. All fees paid are non-refundable.

Your personal information:

As part of the Robson's Family Karate community, we will use the personal information we collect from you to send you communications relating to your Membership, such as attendance, fees, activities, club information, product offers, availability, etc. relating directly to your membership type, to ensure that we can offer you the best possible service. We will not disclose any personal information to any third party. Please tick here to receive any other information that may interest you, such as newsletters, promotions, and external event information.

Photography and videography:

Robson's Family Karate actively promotes its products and services in printed and electronic formats and regularly takes Video footage and photographs of members for various promotional purposes. All images and videos are stored securely by the Data Protection Act 1998. If you are willing for your photo (s) to be used for this purpose, then please tick here

A full copy of our club privacy policy and privacy notice for members detailing how and why we capture and process personal data is available upon your request to a member of Robson's Family Karate.







☐ Full details added to CRM

☐ Status updated to Active, and membership details checked for accuracy

☐ Direct Debit set up

☐ Joining fee paid and added to the system

☐ Interim subscription fees paid and added to the system (if applicable)

☐ Welcome meeting booked in the calendar

☐ Uniform ordered on the system

☐ Added to registers (including photo opt-out if applicable)

☐ Referral star in an envelope put into trays if referred by a current member


(referring member name …...………………………………………………………………………)

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