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Joined in January thought I was too old to start this but master Robinson and miss Morgan have both been fantastic I can only give my own opinion but if you're thinking of starting this is the place to go very good instructors Terry

Terry mc closkey

My son and daughter have been attending Robson's Family Karate since 2020 and their confidence and skills have grown so much. They love going every week and it is such a good activity for not only their physical health but also their mental health.

The Foster family

Robson's Karate is a fabulous facility. The instructors are really committed and both my children are growing in confidence as a result of their karate training. Would definitely recommend.

Carmel N

Our daughter has been attending for the last 3 years and loves it. The instructors and are always full of encouragement and praise. Would highly recommend to any parents considering enrolling their child.

Nathan F

Brilliant academy for kids highly recommend, Jamie and Emma are fantastic with the kids, Great facility it also has added workshops which take place over the year which my son loves! My son has come such a long way since starting karate.

Nicola McClenaghan

My son has been practicing with Robson family karate for several years now and is a member of the JLA. It's been amazing watching him grow and improve. He has developed alot of responsibility in the karate and he loves every minute of it

Leone Campbell

Highly recommend, great place to learn new skills , very friendly instructors ,great fun

Kamila Psiuk

Excellent. All the staff are so Friendly and professional. Highly recommended.


My son has been a member of Robson's almost 11 years ,he has gained so much experience and still enjoys going to classes. Jamie is a brilliant teacher/mentor to all.


3 children love attending class. They have learnt discipline, improved confidence, and created friendships. Excellent leadership and help available in and outside of class.

Maria finnegan

Dara aged 11 joined Robsons Family Karate in September 2021. He absolutely loves it. There is a good choice of classes and if u can't make that u can join by zoom :) he has gained so much confidence and enjoying learning all the new moves.

Parents of Dara

Excellent class! My children including me enjoyed the class. Jamie and Emma are brilliant karate instructors. Highly recommended school not just for the kids but also for adults. Please join us!


My 3 kids have been going to Robson karate for almost 10 years. They have learnt so much which they can carry for life.

Danny mchugh

My son loves his karate classes and esp loves his instructors.. they are amazing with the kids.. I've noticed a big change in my son's confidence from when he started.. lots of classes available in diff areas as well as zoom classes which is great 😁

Helen Toombs

My 2 sons are both long term students at Robson family karate, my eldest has been with Jamie for 9 years, this in itself should speak volumes. Both are more confident, physically stronger and well balanced kids.

Lisa Sloan

Our child has been going to karate for nearly a year now. Since lockdown he had become very quiet but since he started karate it has really helped his confidence. Jamie is excellent with the children. I cannot recommend Robson karate enough.


Great marital art academy! Great teaching team! 100% Recommend for kids!

Grigori Crusca

My son has been attending Karate for several years. Mr Robson and Emma promote a culture of inclusiveness and personal responsibility. They connect to their students on a one to one basis while promoting a group identity. Highly recommended.

Glenn Green

I joined Robson's Family Karate, to do kick boxing, I found the instructors, helpful and encouraging. I have made friends and improved my confidence and fitness.

Olive McCormick

Toby has only been a student for karate for only a few weeks but I can already tell he is much more confident in himself and his movement. He incredibly enjoys doing karate and counts down the days for when he has to go again.


Going in as an adult I thought I would have been at a disadvantage but all instructors are very knowledgable, friendly and help you learn at your own pace. I have done many martial arts growing up but joining Robson's has been the best decision yet.

James B

Our Daughter has been practising for over two years now at Robsons Family Karate and she loves going to class. It is a great discipline for her.


My 6-year old daughter has attended this school for 9 months and she loves it! She is learning, training, and she is making friends. She is excited to go every time. It's lovely that I am able to watch the classes and see how she is getting on.



Dickson family

My kids enjoy karate so much, their confidence is boosting up. Master Robson and Ms Morgan are great with children, they care about each child personally and provide outstanding discipline.

Aiste Rakova

The kids absolutely love their Karate class. Master Robertson and Emma deliver first class instructions and learn the kids great discipline. Thank you Robertson Family Karate 🥋

Sean Keenan

Excellent school, instructors are brilliant. Kids really love this sport and teaches great discipline. Thankyou Robsons karate School

The Malleys

The kid absolutely loves Karate. The fun and discipline that both Master Robson and Miss Morgan provide is superb. It's great to share our child's development with them both 👍

Ronan McAteer

My son Ruairi has been attend Robson’s Karate when he was only 5 years old. Now he is 13 years old. I have to say karate class was very good for children to get good methods and fantastic excise for him. Thanks Mr Robson and family.

Jing wang

My son has been in the club for almost a year and his behavior has changed for the better. He is more self-confident, and also this is great for his mental and physical health.

Mateusz Modzelewski

I started in October wanting to try something different, it's been tough for me but the team have been amazing at keeping my spirits up and building my confidence. I'm very glad I signed up and love attending classes! Always something new to learn!

Laura Johnston

My son and daughter love attending Karate each week. It has been great for their physical fitness, positive mental health and confidence. A great school and instructors.

Mary Foster

My son has been a member for 2months now and he is loving it.. it's fantastic that there are many classes available throughout the week and also in different areas... it's been great for building up self confidence and making new friends

Helen Toombs

My daughter has been a member of Robson's for 3 years. She has built a fabulous relationship with Jamie and Emma. Their kind and consistant approach has really encouraged my teenager to keep fit, maintain focus and be her best. Thank you.

Sarah Campbell

My three children genuinely love karate with Master Robson. It is excellent that they can train together in class and at home, giving them a closer bond. Their training has become a way of life. They have also formed a great circle of friends

The McHugh family

Joe loves Robson's Karate - Jamie is great with all the kids. It has boosted his self-confidence and he has learned to listen to instructions better and show self-respect for others as well as great physical exercise.

Parents of Joe