Vivian Dela Cruz

Vivian Dela Cruz

Kilkeel Instructor ITP Member (Instructor Training Program)

Hello, I'm Vivian, one of the Karate Instructors in Kilkeel.

From my earliest memories, I've been captivated by the skill and artistry of renowned martial artists. This fascination inspired me to explore various forms of martial arts, bringing not only joy and confidence but also significant enhancements to my skills. Karate, in particular, has left a profound impact on my emotional well-being, physical strength, mental health, and self-control.

My journey in karate has been guided by the expertise of Master Robson, a remarkable teacher with whom both my daughters and I have trained for numerous years. Under his tutelage, we have not only refined our martial arts skills but also experienced personal growth in various aspects of our lives.

Based on my firsthand experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Master Robson as a Karate instructor. His commitment to excellence and passion for teaching have made a lasting impact on our martial arts journey, and I am confident that others seeking a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor will find his guidance invaluable.