Caela Finnegan

Caela Finnegan

Newry JLA Team Leader (Junior Leadership Academy)

My name is Caela, and I am 10 years old.

I have two brothers - Cathal and Cillian, my Mummy, Daddy and my Dog, who is called Finn. And that is my Family; I love to play with Finn; he is very excitable and full of energy all of the time.  Finn and I have a lot of fun time together.

When I am not playing with Finn, I might be at football, karate, baking, art, or school.  These are my hobbies (apart from being at school, lol) and the things I enjoy the most.

When I was 7, I wanted to do a hobby where I could make new friends and do an activity I would enjoy.  I thought I would enjoy dance lessons, but I didn't really enjoy them, so daddy took me over to Robson's Family Karate to try their classes, and I have been here ever since. :)

My brother Cathal also came to the classes too.  In the classes, I felt comfortable, and I enjoyed it.  After a while, we were told we would be doing our grading to earn our first belt.  I was nervous and thought I would not get it, but I did!  When I got my belt, I felt thrilled, I was very proud of myself, and my family was also proud of me.  I have completed many grades and am on my Red Belt with 2 Tags (the stage before Black Belt Test).

During my Karate journey, I have become more confident and also a lot more flexible.  I have learned to show respect to others and control my feelings.  I like being part of the JLA team and helping the younger students, and I enjoy working with my teammates, Kayden, Xyleena, Molly, Tyler and Aoife.

Karate has helped me so much in my health, fitness, and ability.  I am now one belt test away from the First Dan Black Belt, an essential part of my Karate journey; I hope to stay at Karate far into my future.