We share your concern - child obesity is an enormous problem throughout the world, and the epidemic is only set to get worse. Martial Arts provides a great all over body workout, forcing participants to use muscles that are rarely exercised.

Yes, we understand that social skills are a crucial aspect of childhood, and a lack of them can show and affect the child as they grow older. With its teamwork and skill sharing, Martial Arts are one activity that encourages and healthily promotes this.

Teamwork is something required in school, the workplace and everyday life. Martial Arts is impossible without effective teamwork, enabling them to develop necessary skills in a supportive, fun environment.

Many kids suffer from a lack of self-esteem, however confident they may appear. Martial Arts is rewarding in every sense, and awards and competitions will help to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

With discipline being such a leading factor in Martial Arts, it is easy for this routine to cross over into everyday life, ensuring better practices and attitude when dealing with all situations.

The modern world presents many problems for concentration and focus, with distractions everywhere. Each session of Martial Arts will incrementally improve your child's direction as they are motivated to learn something new and different - this will require lengthy concentration.

Soo Bahk Do is an excellent form of exercise - scientific studies have proven that adults who take part have better stamina, strength, flexibility and muscle endurance.

Soo Bahk Do is a fun way of staying in shape - adults who take up our Art have less body fat than those with a more sedentary lifestyle.

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